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Road Aggregates

Road and railroad aggregates are materials used in construction, repair of road sections or traction.

Grit – crushed aggregate

They are granular materials of various origins – they can be natural, artificial or organic. Specific aggregates are intended for a specific layer of pavement. They play a very important role, as they help to harden the road and give it the right strength. In addition to natural aggregates, there are also artificial aggregates on the market, which are created as post-construction, post-smelting and post-mining waste or recycled. We deliver the highest quality road aggregates directly to our customers.

The most commonly used crushed aggregate is grit. It is used for:

  • asphalt concrete,
  • mineral-asphalt mixtures,
  • for the production of concrete,
  • as binding, leveling and wearing layers of road pavement.

Grit can also have a decorative function in the home garden. Various colors and sizes of decorative grit allow it to fit into the design of any green area – both in urban space and on private property.

All aggregates supplied by us have the required tests and approvals:

  • PN-EN 12620+A1,
  • PN-EN 13043,
  • PN-EN 13242+A1.
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Transport of aggregates

We offer comprehensive services to individual customers and construction sites in the supply of road aggregates, railroad aggregates and bulk materials transportation. Thanks to long-term cooperation with the largest dolomite and basalt mines, we offer you road aggregates with delivery:

  • aggregate of continuous granulation 0/31.5 – dolomite,
  • aggregate of continuous granulation 0/63 – dolomite,
  • coarse aggregate 4/31.5 – dolomite,
  • coarse aggregate 4/63 – dolomite,
  • coarse aggregate 8/16 – dolomite,
  • basalt grit 2-5,
  • basalt grit 2-8, and others.

Among our most significant realizations are the supply of aggregates for:

  • MOSiR Lublin – speedway track,
  • Chelm County,
  • Puchaczów Municipality,
  • Hrubieszów Municipality,
  • Lubycza Królewska Municipality,
  • GZOK of Zamość,
  • ZDP in Lublin and many others.

We operate packed vehicles that are able to deliver aggregates to any region of Poland. Our drivers are experienced workers who are at your disposal around the clock. You are welcome to contact us!

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